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Forex e-learning

forex e-learning

open due to the possibility of a sentiment shift from US participants. Market momentum was fading and tomorrows NFP number meant easy profit taking was on the cards for USD bears. 1st March 2018, 307.95 profit trading eurusd short. 5th July 2018,.7 pips banked trading eurusd. Trade opened on the 18th, target was @ 108.00, trade closed on pullback post 4PM London Fix heading into weekend. Want to watch the 2018 live trading videos of the screenshots below? 22nd June 2018, eurusd mini swing opened up yesterday afternoon, got within spot forex trading in india 6 ticks of our limit but price backed off. Live video on, small profit of 165.66 27th February 2018, One loss and one gain today, 566.52 banked trading eurusd. 11th May 2018, 390.38 profit trading eurusd long. Trailed stop to protect trade and was taken out at virtually breakeven (tiny profit).

Proven results since 2013.
Want to watch the 2018 live trading videos of the screenshots below?
1 0th October 2018, 239.42 profit trading eurusd short.

Forex e-learning
forex e-learning

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12th January 2018, 345.26 banked trading usdjpy short as per todays commentary focus. Live trade videos, live signals and proven trading education since 2013. 20th June 2018 Another eurusd trade that came close to target and then failed to continue cut for a small profit. Live video on channel, volatility dried up on USD, emphasis during US trade on the JPY risk off so trades cut. 16th August 2018, Chopped up on usdjpy today. 20th March 2018, Small loss on usdjpy -98.02, tried the bounce long during the US session but the market ran out of momentum and wanted to remain range bound.